Renting Out Disney World on a Budget - Disney After Hours

Renting Out Disney World on a Budget - Disney After Hours

Can’t afford to rent out the Walt Disney World parks? Check out Disney’s After Hours - cause it’s basically the same thing for the price of a park ticket!

Stranger Things Announced for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

Get ready to have your world flipped upside down later this year, because Universal  just dropped the biggest bombshell in HHN history!


The ground shattering supernatural Netflix series “Stranger Things” is making its way to the Universal parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore for the 2018 season of Halloween Horror Nights. The announcement had been rumored for some time, but finally confirmed earlier today.

Check out the announcement video: 

  “You’ll faithfully follow the storyline, starting off on Mirkwood and then quickly moving to inside Hawkins National Laboratory where things have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

From there you will experience all the most memorable moments and environments from the show while being hunted at every turn by the Demogorgon.

And of course, you’ll step into the mysterious darkness of the Upside Down more than once – whether you like it or not.” - Universal Orlando Blog

I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of announcement that’ll make me throw all my money at the upside down because you know there’s going to be some incredible merchandise to go along with this.

  • HHN Orlando runs through select nights from Sept 14 - Nov 3
  • Purchase tickets here 

Things are only going to get stranger, so keep checking back for more updates. 

The Best Stores at Disney Springs for Valentine's Day

The Best Stores at Disney Springs for Valentine's Day

Choosing the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be a bit of chore - and even more of a chore when you’re on vacation! Rushing around the Disney parks this time of year to find a last minute gift can be frustrating and extremely expensive if you’re not careful! 

Whether you're celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, here are some great last minute gift shops to visit.