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Steve Fox

What up peeps! I'm Steve, the actual "Disney Fox." I started this whole thing to share my unique and imaginative perspective of storytelling through the lens of an iPhone. You'll find me roaming the happiest places on earth during my free time with the lovely lady you'll meet if you keep scrolling, and when I'm not at the parks - I can be found working on film/tv sets across the country.

I'm from Walt Disney's birthplace of Chicago, and after graduating high school I started working in TV/Film production where I've spent time living in Miami, Key West, New Orleans and Anaheim - with my homebase since 2009 in Celebration, Florida.

Obviously I'm a Disney geek, with a heavy passion for all things tiki (especially collecting mugs) and nostalgic Disney merchandise. And even though I no longer work for the Walt Disney Company or hold any affiliation with them, I did spend a few years with the Jungle Navigation Company as a skipper on the World Famous Jungle Cruise. It was may favorite ride since I could talk, and I literally lived out a childhood dream - making it the BEST JOB EVER! And yes, I still know my spiel and use those bote jokes whenever i can slide them into a conversation.


Carise Pernell

Hi everyone, I'm Carise! You'll usually find me alongside Steve and friends at the Disney Parks, eating delicious vegan food around the parks, designing magic through our business at Attractioneering Trading Company, and branding for other businesses at my own Carise Pernell Design Company. I'm your girl for all things marketing, social media, design, and of course DISNEY! Steve and I met in 2013 at Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney, and have been annoying each other since.

I'm from all over the East coast really. I was born in South Florida, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana around age 5, then off to Queens, New York till age 13 or so when I moved to Georgia until it was time for college! I attended FAMU in Tallahassee, FL for a few years but wanted to explore other options - so I joined the Disney College Program in Orlando! Disney has always held a special place in my heart but that really got emphasized when I completed my first program at Hollywood Studios in 2014. I was so in love with the area that I decided to move to Orlando and transferred to Full Sail University soon after where I got my Bachelor's in Graphic Design. I was so involved in making that magic that I could never possibly let go!



Now that you've met the team behind the foxy ears, here's a little bit of what we're all about..

Travel: Look out for lots of fun as we showcase vacation tips, tricks and insider information.

Food: We're foodies, and love to showcase all the tasty treats we encounter. Between us both, you'll get a great idea of the best vegan and non-vegan options out there. 

Adventure: From our Disney & Universal escapes, to our cruises and all other destinations we'll be giving you a first hand look on how to conquer them like a pro.

Fun: When you're on vacation (or a local) and looking for some theme park dating tips, ideas for rainy days, first timers, and all that good stuff - we got you covered.

News: There's always something new coming across the wire, and we'll be here to share and review all the latest and greatest happenings.

Toys & Collectibles: We're all kids at heart, and I'm no exception. From Funko Pop! toys to vintage collectibles, and the new age modern marvels that Sphero has been putting out.. we're all about those. And Tiki mugs? Lets just say we have more that few dozen especially since Geeki Tiki hit the scene. It also helps that Steve used to be a skipper on the Jungle Cruise so Trader Sam has been very kind with his offerings.

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