Our Must Do’s at D23 2019


Calling all extreme Disney fans! This year we will be celebrating all things Disney at the 2019 D23 expo - the ultimate fan event that honors the historic and future progressions that Disney has made over the years. This year’s event marks their 10 year “Fanniversary”, so if you’ve missed out on all of the other expos, now is the time to attend! Tickets are almost completely sold out, but you can click here to get yours!

If you’re new to the D23 scene, you’ll want to take note of some of the most anticipated events we have lined up for the expo.

The Disney Legend Awards Ceremony

Bob Iger will be kicking off this ceremony to award the highest honor that Disney can bestow upon a person in recognition of their talents and achievements that they have contributed to the company’s legacy. Awards this year are going to Robert Downey Jr., Bette Midler, Wing Chao, Jon Favreau, James Earl Jones, Kenny Ortega, Barnette Ricci, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Ming-Na Wen, and Hans Zimmer.

The Disney Legends award ceremony will be held at 10:00 AM on Friday, August 23, in Hall D23 of the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Disney+ Reveal

Disney also plans to give their audience a sneak peek at all of the productions and original content that is to be released on their new streaming service, Disney+.

Join in on Friday, August 23, in Hall D23 at 3:30 PM.


A First Look At Upcoming Movies

The Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios will be giving guests a behind the scenes look at all of the new movies that they have on the drawing board for the coming years. Attendees at this panel can expect a reveal of exclusive footage, special guest appearances, and more from Marvel Studios to Star Wars. 

Check out this event on Saturday, August 24, at 10 a.m. in Hall D23.

Be the First to Know about Upcoming Disney Parks Experiences and Products 

This is definitely one of our favorite panels that the D23 expo offers! Chairman Bob Chapek will be speaking to fill everyone in on the newest advancements at the Disney parks and resorts around the globe. More information about the transformational plans for Epcot at Walt Disney World will be released here as well. 

You can get on board with this panel on Sunday, August 25, at 10:30 AM in Hall D23.

Shop Exclusive Merchandise Until You Drop

Bring your wallets with you at the D23 expo! Disney will have a multitude of shops open and available with merchandise exclusive to the event, early access to new products, and items you may never see anywhere else. 

Lines for these stores are usually pretty intense, so make sure you arrive as early as possible to grab your favorites before they sell out! 


Tour the Beautiful Booths and Pavilions

D23 always has a variety of beautiful booths available that celebrate their most influential characters, movies, rides, and properties. It’s always a good time taking advantage of the photo opportunities and meeting with characters. 

As a matter of fact, the Walt Disney Archives will be presenting Disney Heroes and Villains featuring more than 70 spectacular costumes. The exhibits will showcase popular costumes from movies like the live action Aladdin, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, and more!

Enjoy the Freebees

All of your favorite brands are taking the stage at D23. Check out their displays and take advantage of their exclusive freebees like totes, toys, candy, and more! 

Let’s Go to D23!

Ready for the Ultimate Disney Fan Event? Book your tickets for D23 today and get ready to geek out with the nerdiest Disney fans in the universe!