Disneyland Forever Returns to Once Again WOW Guests

If you were around for the 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration at Disneyland you’re sure to remember the fantastic and emotionally charged nighttime spectacle above Sleeping Beauty castle, Disneyland Forever! It’s the type of show that will make you cry in the most beautiful ways, and last night didn’t disappoint - or have less of an effect on me; I still cried my eyes out and proud to admit it.


This show quickly became a fan favorite and while it only had a limited run, it’s become a cherished memory to all who witnessed it. Lately it seems that the folks over at Disneyland have been taking a nostalgic approach to the past. Just last week the original version of “Soarin’ Over California” returned for a limited time, only being available to guests during the month of June. Now we’re being treated to this nighttime blast from the past! Keep spoiling us Disneyland, we’re totally ok with it.


With the popularity of this show, there are multiple viewing areas for throughout the park, including Main Street, U.S.A., Sleeping Beauty Castle, Rivers of America and near “it’s a small world.” Each spot lends a different feel to the show, and if you’re around long enough, should be experienced from each location. As a warning, bring tissues. The story ‘Disneyland Forever’ tells is breathtakingly beautiful and celebrates the unimaginable imagination of Walt Disney. 


The show shouldn’t be missed and if you ever had doubts that magic exists in the world, plan a visit to Disneyland and watch this with your own eyes. You won’t be disappointed. There’s no official estimated end date for this run, with Disney offering no timeline.