Disney Announces BIG Changes for Epcot - New Play Pavilion

Walt Disney World just recently announced some big changes for Epcot including an entirely new Play Pavilion! Disney has also released the latest artwork for their updated entrance to Epcot. The “Leave a Legacy” photos will be removed from the front entrance and will be relocated just outside of the parks.

This new entrance leaves the cleared space to be used for a new water feature and beautiful trees & greenery.

This new entrance leaves the cleared space to be used for a new water feature and beautiful trees & greenery.

Other new future Epcot updates include:

  • The limited-time nighttime spectacular, Epcot Forever, followed by a new show debuting in 2020

  • A space-themed table service restaurant inviting guests to travel high above the Earth for an unforgettable dining experience

  • A Signature Dining experience celebrating the natural beauty of Japan

  • Completely experiences in the French pavilion including Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, a “Beauty and the Beast” sing along, and an update to Impressions de France

  • Updates to the Circle-Vision 360 films in China and Canada

The “Ralph Breaks the Internet” inspired pavilion.

The “Ralph Breaks the Internet” inspired pavilion.

What will the new Play Pavilion look like? 

This un-named “Play Pavilion” will feature a highly interactive experience that is completely different than anything that we’ve seen at Epcot before. From the looks of the concept art, this pavilion seems to be heavily inspired by the city in Wreck it Ralph - offering games and hands on activities. It also will feature a huge metropolis with a variety of Disney characters that friends and family can interact with! 

Where will the new Play Pavilion go? 

The Play Pavilion is set to break ground under the old Wonders of Life building. This news is surely a breath of fresh air for us regular visitors to Epcot as we’re used to seeing this beautiful dome of a building vacant and only used during Epcot festival events.

Previously, the Wonders of Life pavilion hosted attractions like Body Wars and Cranium Command that focused on health and body sciences. Fans were sad to see this go in 2007, but should be excited to see this building go to great use in the future. 

When will it be finished?

The new Play Pavilion is scheduled to debut sometime around Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary in 2021. We’re really looking forward to these changes and cannot wait to share our experiences with you! 

For more information about the new Epcot updates, visit the Disney Parks Blog website.

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