Happy National Coffee Day 

It’s the most energized time of the year again - National Coffee Day! Although we celebrate this day of caffeine pretty much every single day of the year, it’s becoming tradition that we take the time out to try some new coffee selections on this day. With that being said, here are some of the newest Disney-inspired caffeinated beverages that will grace our palettes!


Joffrey’s Coffee - Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Blend

In honor of Mickey’s upcoming birthday, Joffrey’s Coffee has come up with a very special blend of coffee beans just to honor the Big Cheese himself. This smooth medium-roast is a classic taste that explodes with sweet and savory notes as it hits your tongue. We were lucky enough to have an early tasting of this special blend at their event at Disney Springs in August and it was delightful! 

We’re happy to say that this coffee is not only available at the Disney Parks, it will also be available in select stores nationwide! If you’re ready to get your hands on this blend right now, order a bag for yourself at www.joffreys.com.

As a special treat to celebrate this day of coffee, Joffrey’s will be serving up $1 hot coffee and cold brews at the Disney Parks and Disney Springs kiosks today only!


Expedition Roasters - Lost Bros. Maple Bacon Blend

If you frequent our Instagram Stories, then you know that we love waking up with a big cup of Expedition Roasters coffee every single morning. Literally, our shelves are stocked FULL of it! Expedition Roasters is a small Instagram based coffee company started by an adorable couple who just wanted to find a way to give back to dog rescue organizations. Since then, they have grown into a high-quality coffee company who mesmerizes you with their beautiful packaging and tells a story on your taste buds. 

They recently announced their first collaboration with non-other than The Lost Bros., another Instagram small shop mogul who kills the fan based t-shirt competition. Together, they have created a Maple Bacon coffee blend to satisfy breakfast lovers from all walks of life and we cannot wait to try some! Click here to grab a bag.

Our Starbucks Classics

To keep some normality in our coffee drinking lives we’ll be leaving our current Starbucks addictions below. Yes, we are pretty basic but we love our Starbees!

Steve - Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with Whip

Carise - Venti Vanilla Soy Latte with 1 Pump of Cinnamon Dulce Syrup

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