Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Arrives At Magic Kingdom in Style

What happens when you're the MVP of the Super Bowl? Ya go to Disney World, obviously.

In keeping with traditions, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles spoke those magical words after being asked what he would do next; I'm Going to Disney World!" And so he did, and it was a celebration built for a champion. Check out the video below for a fresh recap of what went down at the Magic Kingdom

When I arrived at the Magic Kingdom, all you could see were the colors of green and white. Thousands of Philadelphia Eagles fans packed the park, the chant "E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!" echoed proudly along Main Street and the castle hub was filled with green and white Mickey balloons. The party had started long before the MVP arrived.

Hundreds of green and white Mickey balloons filled the castle hub.

Hundreds of green and white Mickey balloons filled the castle hub.

Just as Super Bowl champs of the past have done, Nick rode through the Magic Kingdom in style. He partnered up with Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and Chip n' Dale for a parade filled with fans, confetti, music and dancing. And while perched up high on the parade float, Nick and Mickey took a moment to admire the view of Cinderella Castle.

final 10.JPG

And he took a few pics.

final 9.JPG

Even the characters got dressed up for the occasion. Goofy and Mickey rocked their classic red, white and blue football jerseys, Minnie was a cheerleader and Chip 'n' Dale were referees. 

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All in all it wasn't a bad day for the MVP, the city of Philadelphia and all the Eagles fans out there. For their first ever championship win, you can bet this was the most magical way to kick off the celebration.