New Pixar Pier Artwork Reveals Hidden Details


Seriously - If you had doubts about the transformation of Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier, this new piece of concept art will help put you at ease. The artwork showcases the marquee that guests will walk under as they enter the reimagined destination but it's the hidden details that got me shook.


Before we dive too far into the details, let's take a moment to remember the former views of this entrance. The classic marquee stood it's ground as the gateway to Paradise Pier with the gift shop "Treasures of Paradise" on the left. To the right as you walked under the white lattice archway you'd find the restaurant Ariel's Grotto which has it's own bit of history as it originally opened as Avalon Cove, a Wolfgang Puck creation. That's also how the famous "Cove Bar" got it's name.

final 11.JPG

Despite the glorious iPhone 5 quality pictures, you can get the idea about the grand scale of this new marquee.

final 12.JPG

Now that you've seen what once once, let's touch base on some of the details. Gone of course is Ariel's Grotto, and what's to become of that space? No clue. That information hasn't been released as of yet, but looking at the 90's-esque Disney Store film strip banners along the wall, I'd take a guess that it'll keep an under the sea feel but more on track with the East Australian Current.

final 15.JPG

If you look (above) closely, you make out a few familiar shapes that resemble Marlin and Nemo, a diver, and other sea-life characters. On the other side where Treasures of Paradise (below) was located, you can clearly make out the Incredibles logo. I'll take a shot in the dark and say this will still be a gift shop, but with a heavy focus on Incredibles themed merchandise to tie in with the Incredicoaster and the new Incredibles 2 film.

final 14.JPG

Another detail revealed with this new artwork is that nearly every pixar character is represented in the decorative trim of the awning spanning over the pathway.

final 13.JPG

Try to spot all the characters. You'll see your favorites from Toy Story to Cars, Wall-E and even The Good Dinosaur. And obviously they couldn't leave out Luxo Jr. from the mix. He's perched high atop as the centerpiece of the marquee.

final 16.JPG

Other exciting news that was revealed is that the official opening day of Pixar Pier with happen on June 23rd! But hold onto that snake in your space boot, the fun begins sooner than that. Starting on April 13th, guests visiting Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will be treated to the limited-time celebration called Pixar Fest. There's going to be a new fireworks show over at Disneyland called "Together Forever - A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular" and the beloved "Pixar Play Parade" from DCA will move across the street and caravan down Main Street U.S.A. with three new show elements. 

If it sounds like DCA is getting short changed, fear not. Paint The Night is returning and it's heading to California Adventure and a new film festival, Pixar Shorts, will be taking place at the Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land. There's going to be additional offerings like specialty foods, entertainment and decorations leading up to the grand opening of Pixar Pier but until then, I'll leave you with one last birds-eye view of the concept art that will soon realized. See ya on June 23rd.