Restoring the Magic after a Hurricane

To paraphrase the DuckTales theme song... life is like a hurricane here at Walt Disney World.

For guests visiting the Walt Disney World resort during a major hurricane, they quickly realize that the most magical place on earth becomes one of the safest places on earth. With Hurricane Irma fast approaching, guests visiting Epcot yesterday may have seen close to 100 emergency utility vehicles filling up the Create parking lot. You may think that Disney is just heavily dedicated to getting power back to the parks and that's partially true. However, that's not their first priority.


When a storm of this magnitude approaches Florida, the Walt Disney World resort becomes a safe haven for countless thousands of people. There's close to 31,000 Disney owned & operated hotel rooms and every single room gets booked. That number doesn't include the Disney Springs partner hotels, the resorts located in Bonnet Creek or the Golden Oak residents. Some of the rooms are blocked out for working cast members, emergency utility workers, and law enforcement personnel from Orange and Osceola county who all work together to make sure that a safe shelter is provided to those who keep each individual resort up and running for the guests and evacuees.


From personal past experiences, the resorts rarely lose power before backup generators kick in, and in extreme situations (once conditions are safe) the utility crews head out and do what they do best. 

Click HERE for direct info regarding Hurricane Irma at Walt Disney World

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Florida is going to need all the help it can get once Hurricane Irma wraps up her destructive course across the state, the same way Texas still needs help after Harvey. Please consider donating to the American Red Cross by clicking the icon below, and help those affected by these devastating storms.