Take 2: The Great Movie Ride Disappears 

Last week I brought you a photo update following the closure of classic attraction, "The Great Movie Ride." Now a week and a half later, even more changes have taken place. 


The comparison shots from above and below;

The top photo was taken on Thursday, August 24th. You can see that the grand neon marquee has been removed, replaced by a temporary scrim. The picture seen below was taken the day after closing, Monday, August 14th. The only portion of the sign that was changed overnight was the removal of the "TCM" found of the lower portion.


Other changes that have taken place are the removal of the cartoon stylized announcement posters. You can see these in my previous post. The new designs have more of an art deco feel that better fit with the aesthetics of the Chinese Theater architecture.


One of the most interesting little bits of info that came about was found on Twitter. The folks over at WDW Tales had an interesting find this morning. For the first time in over two decades, the car from the gangster scene saw the light of day.

The car was parked outside of the cast member discount stores Company D & Cast Connection, which located off of Western Way - between Flamingo Crossings and Disney's Coronado Springs Resort & Convention Center. When you see a ride vehicle, or an attraction prop that's outside of it show elements.. it's a geektastic moment you just can't beat.

I'll keep my eyes open for more changes. Until then, keep following along on my instagram account, @TheDisneyFox, for more stories and small in-park updates.